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Benefits of a WordPress Maintenance Plan

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Having a website is crucial for any business in today’s digital age, and WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for building and managing a website (43% of all websites are built with WordPress!). However, like any tool, a WordPress website requires regular maintenance to ensure it is running smoothly and efficiently. Here are […]

Shopify vs BigCommerce: Which is Best for You?

Images of bigcommerce and shopify

Overview of both CMS’s Shopify and BigCommerce are online store builders that provide you the opportunity to sell digital and physical products. Typically these services are targeted at those starting a business without a lot of capital to use on web development. These services are aimed at those who are able to take a ‘do-it-yourself’ […]

How To Get Your Website Up and Running in 3 Simple Steps

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When you are ready to make a website for your business, you’ll be creating your own unique space on the internet to share your content and build your brand. To do this, you need to understand how to get the site up and running, and the first step is to choose a platform to build […]

Change menu tabs font size in header WordPress

change font-size WordPress CSS

Why specifically changing the font size of the menu tabs? Because I couldn’t find this anywhere myself. Although this was a while back and there may be a dozen blogs just like mine (I haven’t checked) I figured if I help anyone out, it’s worth it. That being said… I never liked all the initial […]

SEO 101: How to increase your visibility online

A Full Sentence SEO Tips and Tricks

As the web keeps growing and technology advances, there’s no shortage for ways to innovate, expand, and implement techniques to make your website more “visible” online. SEO is one of those techniques. Arguably the foundation for getting your site traffic, any company that wants to succeed on the web should have some form of SEO […]

BlueHost vs SiteGround vs CloudWays

BlueHost VS SiteGround VS CloudWays

You may be wondering, why choose BlueHost, SiteGround, and CloudWays as a comparison, if there are so many other hosting providers out there. The answer is a simple one: These are 3 of my favorite. No, I haven’t tested every single provider out there (there’s new ones every day) – I have tried a bunch, […]