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As you can probably imagine, no websites are created equal. Some may need a simple portfolio while others are looking for an enterprise solution. We cater to each clients individual needs.

How many pages, the extent of the page, whether or not there will be special content added etc. everything gets accounted for. So take a look at generalized pricing, but be sure to reach out for exact pricing.


This is for design only. We will design as many pages you like, and provide it to the developer of your choice.

Page Design


Design for one page of your website. Generally done in conjunction with designing the Home Page.

Home Page Design


The foundation of the site. Where all the colors/styles and setup of the site takes place. Used throughout the site.

Logo Design


Need a modern logo, something that will stand out? We offer each client a few logo’s to choose from, with revisions.

Web Development

Web development includes the web design as well (except for the home page). We combine the price of design & development to offer discounted prices.

Discounted Page


A specially discounted page available in really small content pages. “Landing Pages” and similar.

"Standard" Page


One page, standard length. This kind of web page typically includes secondary tabs such as an “About” or “Team” page.

Extensive Page


When you need a lengthy page, go extensive. These pages includes unique inner pages individual to the website.

Copywriting & More




This is per average-sized web page. Smaller or larger pages are priced separately, reach out for any inquiries.



Includes connecting a payment processing platform, customizing and configuring all menu/categories, plus 20 product uploads.



Reach out to discuss the exact requirements needed for your database to get imported and configured properly.

Add-Ons & Unique Options

Foundational SEO


Creating a site will only go so far without the added SEO necessary to reach users. If you’re looking to take your site to a higher plateau of visibility, getting started with the Foundational SEO package is a must.

User Accounts


Includes creating a “backend” interface for users to access their account and update/view personal information.

API Integration


Reach out to us to discuss the exact requirements needed to connect your personalized software to your website, for increased workflow.

Marketing & Maintenance

Social Media Marketing

Starting at



For marketing strategies, it depends on the client. Do you want 1 post a month on instagram? Do you want 5 posts each week on LinkedIn? Numerous options are available for all “shapes and sizes”.

Maintenance Lvl 1




Maintenance Lvl 2




In addition to all “per project” pricing noted above, we also offer a flat per hour fee for any web config needs. Reach out to us to discuss whether hourly rate is best for your company.

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Ready to calculate your total to see how much your personalized website will cost? Start below. Remember though, this is still just an estimate. Pricing varies according to your specific requirements.

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