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We can’t know who you are if you don’t reach out first! Let us go over your project together, and work out the best possible solution.


Every client has their own “best option” depending on their needs, with regards to setting up a “social media enterprise”. It will be determined during the discovery phase of the development cycle.

Yes and no. Being on social networds does increase your SEO, and that is important if you want to be seen online. However, if creating an account for every social network online will start weighing down the company, it may not be the best option.

Most definitely! Google uses bots called “crawlers” that “crawl” through every website out there. They then store each websites data, and when a user inputs a string of keywords, the website with the best content will be displayed first. 

Creating a website backed by good SEO will definitely help boost your website traffic. Utilizing different marketing tactics can as well help create a large influx of users. That being said, it generally is a process of growth, with a more promising month over month increase, as opposed to an instant boost.

Branding is the single most important part of your business. To create a successful online presence, you must have your business stand out in a unique and appealing way. Mind mapping, sketches, art boards, and a lot of thought is the right place to start for good branding.

Research. At AFS, we believe it is better to do “Bottom-up” design, rather than “Top-down”. Bottom-up is when you first do all the research, obtain all the necessary information and content needed to create the perfect website, and then develop. Top-down is when you just start creating, and keep changing the website as needed.

It is up to the client to choose what services they would like to have. We offer a payment plan  for each individual client according to their needs. Options as simple as creating a website with no “add-ons”, to the ability to utilize every resource we have to offer, would vary greatly on the price range.

Since each client has their own requirements, we cannot offer a “one size fits all” price point. What we do offer across the board, is a very low 20% down payment, with the remaining due upon completion.

Please reach out to us via our contact page to discuss pricing further.